10 Items you can clean with Miroxol Metal Polish

By Clodagh Green • 01 May 2019

Miroxol® is so versatile. It's reach is far and wide and is currently used in the following sectors: Home, Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Laboratory, Catering, Crafts & Hobbies and Industrial. We thought we would name 10 items you can clean and polish with Miroxol® Metal Polish that you may not have thought of. Let us know how you use Miroxol in the comments box below;
1) Stainless Steel Cooker

You may have other products you use to clean your cooker. These will do a good job at removing the grease and grime but won't tackle the tarnish. Your stainless steel cooker will tarnish over time. Remove the tarnish and preserve and protect for longer. You will also notice that your cooker will gleam and shine that much brighter too.

2) Bumpers, Trims, Wheels and parts of the Engine

We've been working with a growing number of classic car clubs who can't get enough of Miroxol® Metal Polish. It's gentle but effective and preserves and protects the metal from the effects of weathering. What's not to love? We believe Miroxol can be the Classic Car Owner' chrome cleaner of choice. Miroxol is not only great on chrome it's also great on aluminium, stainless steel , Brass , Copper, Nickel and more...

"The Polish works well. So well that my Tiger was placed 2nd in class at our National Concours at the weekend"...John , Sunbeam Tiger Owner.

3) Watches and Jewellery

Clean, polish preserve and protect your jewellery with Miroxol Metal Polish. Using a clean soft Microfibre cloth to get best results. Suitable for use on silver, platinum, gold , copper and more..... Miroxol gently removes tarnish and ensure your jewellery will always look its best.

Top Tip: Store your jewellery with chalk to help keep tarnish at bay for longer. Chalk helps absorb any moisture in the air which can affect how metal tarnishes!

4) Motorcycles

Miroxol® is great on Chrome and Aluminium and stainless steel. There is certainly lots of metal to polish on a motorcycle. Miroxol Metal Polish preserves and Protects the metal and helps prevent rust. Water is repelled and easily slides off the metal. You can be sure that your bike is protected for longer. It also brings the metal to a beautiful lustrous shine. Therapy to the soul! "The polish worked well on both chrome and aluminium on my Honda 750 overhead Cam Retro Cafe racer."...Nick Jordan

5) Musical Instruments

Keep your musical instruments gleaming and looking their best. Whether it's chrome on your drum kit, your silver trumpet or brass saxophone, you'll be able to banish the tarnish for longer!

6) Door Fittings and Fixtures

Don't forget your knobs and knockers! Chrome, brass, pewter, stainless steel, will all be preserved and protected from the elements. Keep your door furniture tarnish free. They say first impressions count!

"I have been looking for some time for a metal polish for my front door furniture. Being outside and exposed to the elements I found that it tarnished very quickly and was difficult to clean and keep clean. Miroxol has made it look brand new again. It has really kept its shine and seems to be better protected from the great outdoors so I need to clean it far less regularly."... Kirsty Burnham.

7) Antiques

Miroxol is perfect for antiques and vintage items. It's less abrasive than other polishes and will preserve and protect the metal from the effects of weathering for longer. It's a fact that metal tarnishes (unless it's been lacquered) so use a polish you can trust and rely upon to get the job done.

Brenda Haller (TV Personality as seen on Dickenson's Real Deal and secret Dealer) from Deddington Antiques Centre (www.deddingtonantiquecentre.co.uk) concluded that "Miroxol was easy to use with less odour than other silver polishes! So if you have lots of polishing to do you may want to give Miroxol a try!"

8) Taps & Sinks

Tarnish is a shine snatcher! Keep your taps sparkling for longer with Miroxol Metal Polish!

9) Ornaments

It's surprising how many metal items you may have in your home. Keep them sparkling and looking their best.

10) Pots and Pans

Stainless Steel , Aluminium and copper pots and pans can be kept sparkling and looking new with Miroxol Metal Polish.