4 Reasons why you should join a car club

By Clodagh Green • 24 April 2019

Welcome to our first blog. I wanted an easy way to share information with visitors and I'm super excited to start this journey. Check in from time to time for news and information that may be of interest. Our first blog looks at whether you should join a car/bike club and what they can offer you.
Whether you own a classic car/bike, or not, there are many benefits to joining a club and sharing your passion with like minded people. This really is the definition of belonging to a 'club.' There are clubs that are dedicated to car/bike brand, type and age . Whatever your interest there is bound to be a club there for you.

In Depth knowledge
Whether you are at the beginning of your journey in restoring a barn find or you are winning your car club national concours you can be assured that you will be with like minded enthusiasts who can share their knowledge and wizdom and point you in the right direction. This can also save you lots of money and time knowing where to source parts from and where to go. Many of the clubs have an online presence with online forums, facebook pages, websites, chatrooms etc allowing you to connect not just to your local club but on an national and international level. Many of the clubs have magazines with many interesting articles covering their cars , maintenance, events and socials.

The opportunity to attend local and national events as a group of like minded enthusiasts also exist. Attending as a group allows you to meet other enthusiasts with interesting cars you may not have met previously, to share knowledge and to have a great weekend whilst you do so. Getting out and about on the open road and driving your car or motorcycle to these events is half the fun. Many of the car clubs have events up and down the country. A list of events can be viewed here https://www.carcal.co.uk This also gives you an opportunity to show off your car or motorcycle to like minded enthusiasts who will appreciate your hard work.

Most clubs run an active social calendar with ample opportunity to get together. Some even have a competitive calendar and other a travel element where enthusiast can take their car on holiday incorporate scenic runs, tourist attractions and more. Clubs give you access to plenty of group outings, shows and road trips.

Special Offers On Parts, Insurance & Accessories
Miroxol UK partner with a growing number of national car and bike clubs( e.g The TVR Car Club, The Morgan Sports Car Club, The Morris Minor Owners Club, Figaro Owners Club, Club Peugeot UK, the Lotus 7 Club and The Rover Sports Register are just some of the clubs that have joined ), and offer specialist deals. When you join a classic car or bike club you will find you often get access to numerous discounts and deals. Find out whether your car/bike club have joined the Miroxol® Metal Polish Car Club Member Benefits scheme run by Miroxol UK. For further information email, contact@miroxol.co.uk . Miroxol UK is working with the vintage and classic market as Miroxol Metal Polish is less abrasive, leaves no residue, comes in a convenient 100ml Tube, resists tarnish and other effects of weathering and preserves and protects the metal. It is suitable to use on Chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, Nickel, Brass , Copper, Silver, Bronze, Pewter , Platinum and more making it perfect for your classic, vintage or retro car / bike.

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