A day in the life of Miroxol UK

By Clodagh Green • 25 June 2019

No Two Days Are The Same.

Having worked much of my corporate life in learning and development, I often thought about having my own business. But never in my dreams did I imagine it would be metal polish! When I came across the opportunity of becoming the sole importer for Miroxol Metal Polish into the UK and Ireland I jumped at it.

An antique dealer and vintage collector friend visited from Australia and left me with a tube of polish. I was impressed with its finish and its properties and after researching where and how it was being used I knew it was special and there was definitely a gap in the market.

My days always start the same - with a cup of tea (I can't stomach coffee first thing in the morning), school runs and a dog walk with Inca and Luna, both Labradors and full of life.

We have a growing membership to our Miroxol Metal Polish Car Club Member Benefits Scheme with car clubs like the Morgan Sports Car Club, TVR Car Club, Jensen Owners Club, Morris Minor Owners Club, Rover Sports Register and The Nissan Figaro car Club to name a few who are members. Some of my day is spent working with the clubs.

My business is mostly online but I do try and attend a few events. It's genuinely lovely to have customers come up to me and tell me how they have used Miroxol and what they like about it. It motivates me knowing that Miroxol makes their life easier looking after and caring about the things they love whether it be cars, motorcycles, boats or antiques.

The other day I had a gentleman at my stand who hadn't come across Miroxol Metal Polish. He was unsure and needed convincing. Right at that moment one of my first ever customers passed my stand and called out "You won't be disappointed, it's superb stuff". Hearing it from a respected customer was enough to convince him and he purchased a couple of tubes. My business continues to be built on referrals and word of mouth. I have a testimonials book which is always great to show potential customers.

On Sunday 23rd June I attended the Bicester Heritage Super Scramble. (www.bicesterheritage.co.uk) We were lucky as the sun was shining and the whole event was a sellout. We knew it was going to be busy and special and the Super Scramble did not disappoint. Bigger, better and more action packed than the well-established triannual open days, the Super Scramble saw the beautiful former RAF Technical Site filled with a specially curated collection of historic vehicles, the test track was brought to life with cars demonstrating for the crowds and visiting aircraft on the historic airfield. The specialist businesses who reside within the buildings of the best-preserved pre-war airfield of its type opened creating a unique collection of classic vehicles for all to enjoy with plenty of space to explore and soak up the atmosphere. We were based in the Classic Trader Village and the first Auto jumble in Hangar 113!
The magnificent Hanger 13 with its original roof

We turned up around 8.00 a.m to finish setting up and I was delighted to see vintage aircraft doing final checks.
The event opened from 10 am - 5 pm and was action packed. There was a steady flow of people coming into the hanger where they could view displays from the likes of Lotus, the Morgan Motor Company and Vauxhall and of course to do a bit of shopping at the trader village and Auto jumble.

The day flew by making new friends with other stall holders and making new contacts and of course meeting customers old and new! I am always astounded at the kindness and support from this special community and I am forever grateful as they help us in so many ways in our journey. My husband turned up at 3.00 with an Ice cream which was most welcome.

I was lucky enough to have the amazing and talented Charlalas (www.charlalas.co.uk) come to my stand and sing. They certainly can draw a crowd and entertain. They even matched our company colours.
The day whizzed by and before I knew it, it was time to pack up. I'm very fortunate that I have just one product and the stand can be taken down and packed away very quickly. I disappeared for 10 minutes to swap details with another stall holder and when I came back my husband had swiftly packed everything up, taken it to the car and we were ready to go home!