The Essential Car Show Survival Guide

By Clodagh Green • 15 May 2019

Planning on going to a car show then don't leave home without our handy checklist guide...

There are thousands of car shows every year from car club national festivals to local events in aid of a local charity. Hunt around and you'll soon find an event suitable to meet your criteria from location, date, dedicated to special models and makes, age of car and every passion. Going to a car show should be an enjoyable occasion whether your taking your pride and joy along or going as a spectator who enjoys the vast array of cars on display. They can be held at places of historical interest, or down at your local park. Take a look at the website for a comprehensive list to get your started.

If you happen to be taking your car along use our handy survival checklist to ensure you get the most out of the day.

1) Registration documentation. This should include pre-registration documents and confirmation.

2) Folding chairs and table. It can be a long day as often you arrive early in the morning to set up and get in position. Ensure you bring seating and a table if you have room. You can set up behind your car so that you are close by if anybody wishes to ask questions.

3) Picnic Hamper. Don't forget yours and be the envy of everybody, and failing that, cash to buy food from the various food outlets that may be there.

4) Sun cream, sun hat and sunglasses. If the sun shines in the UK it is truly glorious and nothing more quintessential to rock up at a car show and make the most of the day.

5) Historical Information on car from ownership to when the car was manufactured to how you became its owner. People are really curious and generally interested to learn more. Nobody is better placed than you to answer these questions.

6) Contact information - You are bound to meet new people and make new friends. Bring contact cards with essential information so you can stay in touch.

7) Camera. In addition to your phone camera ( How many times has your phone battery failed when you really need it) This way you won't miss any shots and will still have your memories recorded of the day.

8) Car care Products including Miroxol Metal Polish which is perfect for chrome, aluminium, stainless Steel, nickel, brass and more... Ideal to use on your bumpers, trims, wheels and even parts of the engine, glass cleaners to wipe away any fingerprints from the interior and exterior of the car, plenty of clean soft Microfibre cloths to buff and shine till your metal work is gleaming and your favourite car polish and wax for the paintwork. It's all very well cleaning and polishing your car before the event but dust and dirt will have been picked up on your journey to the show so allow plenty of time to polish it so it sparkles, shimmers and shines before everybody else arrives.
9) Car cover. The weather in the UK is always unpredictable so if you have a car cover bring it to protect from the rain should you get a passing shower. And don't forget to bring an umbrella for yourself. We Brits are forever the eternal optimists when it comes to the weather!

10) Facts and Figures on your car If somebody admires your car it's handy to have some facts that you can give them.

11) Auto Literature - to include owner’s manual, original brochure etc.

12) A photo album showing the stages of your restoration project. One gentleman I met at the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show had recorded and itemised every single penny he had spent on this car including the Miroxol Metal Polish! He told me he didn't dare show this to his wife as he was bound to get into trouble!

Miroxol Metal Polish
If you are looking for a superior polishing solution that will preserve and protect your metalwork, is less abrasive than other metal polish , that doesn't leave a chalky residue then why don't you try Miroxol Metal Polish. This is new to the UK and widely used by a growing number of classical car clubs in the UK. Miroxol Metal Polish is available to purchase online at ( RRP £8.50 per 100 ml tube . Free microfibre cloth for every online order placed in May 2019).

Find Miroxol UK on Sunday 19th May at the Sunday Brunch Meet - Classic car Meet at Earls Barton 9.00 a.m - 1.30 p.m, Clay Lane, Earls Barton, Northampton NN6 0EP. The Sunday Brunch Classic Car and Bike Meet enables like-minded car and bike enthusiasts to get together on a lazy weekend morning, to socialise and talk about everything and anything to do with bikes and cars. You'll find many classic, vintage and supercars. Modern classics and old timers. On top of that, there is delicious, freshly made food, soft drinks and a mouth-watering array of refreshing hot drinks for you to enjoy at each meet. Don't forget to take a look around the numerous trade stands round the perimeter too. Plus for this event, we have the Fabulous Miss Jones with her jazz and swing tunes.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the weather!