Q: Why Miroxol® Metal?

A: Miroxol Metal Polish works exceptionally well on all metal surfaces allowing you to save money and have just one metal polishing cream rather than a specialist polisher for each metal surface. It is a less-abrasive polish that cleans , polishes, protects and preserves all metal surfaces. What ever you are polishing whether it be a piece of jewellery or your prized antique, the amazing results are conclusive. Read some of the testimonials for proof.

Q: What surfaces does Miroxol® Metal Polish restore and polish?

A: Miroxol Metal Polish works on all flat metal surfaces. It is recomended for Brass, Silver,Copper, Gold, Aluminium, Stainless, Pewter, Nickel, Bronze, Titanium, Tin, Chrome, Platinum, Magnesium, Zinc... and more.

Q: Who uses Miroxol® Metal Polish?

A: The uses of Miroxol Metal Polish are far and wide. You’ll find it used in Automotive, Bikes, Antiques, Housewares, Musical Instruments, Flatware, Jewellery, Hotels and Restaurants, Giftware, Prize ware, Marine, Aviation, Sporting Goods , laboratories to clean apparatus. High-end cookware companies.

Q: How do I use Miroxol® Polish?

A: Apply evenly to the surface with a soft cloth. Polish vigorously and then buff to a brilliant shine. When polishing gold use a very soft cloth such as a micro fibre cloth and rub midly and gently, just enough to get the desired results. Because of the quality ingredients and its unique formula, Miroxol Metal Polish preserves and protects all metal surfaces whether they are stored inside or outside so there is no need to apply an additional metal protector. Metal will keen its shine for longer.

Q: Can I use Miroxol® Metal Polish on plated or painted metal surfaces?

A: Miroxol Metal Polish is not recommended for painted and plated metals or anodized aluminium. If you are unsure if a metal is plated or not, silver and gold carry a stamp which indicate it is a solid metal. Manufactures do not recommend polishing plated metals as it is usually a very thin layer and can easily be rubbed away.

Q: What is the shelf life of Miroxol® Metal Polish?

A: You can be assured that this has a long shelf life of over 5 years.

Q: Why is the tarnish not coming off brass or copper?

A: If Miroxol® Metal polish does not instantly remove tarnish this indicates the metal is lacquered. The lacquer must be removed before cleaning and polishing. It is best to show the metal item to your local hardware store manager and ask his opinion for the best product and method to remove old lacquer.

Q: Can your product be used for polishing aluminum, magnesium, chrome, alloy wheels?

A: Miroxol Metal Polish restores tarnished and damaged metals: chrome, aluminum, magnesium, and alloy wheels. Its unique formula also ensure that metal is preserved and protected so there is no need apply any additional product.

Q: Can I see your product safety data sheet?

A: Please click below to down load our product safety data sheet.