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The polish is great
I'm always sceptical of new products, but here I am eating my hat! The polish is great; not gritty and leaves no residue after a quick buff. Have stopped using my previous well known metal polish and now exclusively use this on my fabricated products and custom bike builds.
Ollie from Olliminium
Less odour and less abrasive than other products
Today we tested Miroxol Polish on some of our antique silver and silver plated items, many of which have not been polished for years due to clients bringing them in dirty as they are usually inherited items. Our test concluded it was easy to use, with less odour than other silver polishes and did take the tarnish off, It seems less abrasive than other products and we will wait to see how long the shine lasts. However, we do tend to sell the newly polished items quickly. So yes we do like this new product to the UK market.
Brenda Haller , Deddington antiques centre
Much cleaner and less scratchy finish
We recently used Miroxol on a variety of classic cars from 1960s Triumphs to later cars and are pleased to report that it was extremely effective and improved the chrome on the older cars especially well. Compared to our normal product Autosol, we found Miroxol left a much cleaner and less scratchy finish. All the cleaner staff were impressed. As a consequence we switched products immediately and highly recommend Miroxol.
Nick Dove , Bicester
Film star shine
This is a 1978 lincoln built as a bespoke convertible by Sillcco of Florida. There are 4 known to exist in the world. As seen in the 1972 film "Superfly'. We used Miroxol Metal polish to bring the superfly headlamp covers and the bumper to a film star shine. We found it gentle and easy to use. We highly recommend Miroxol to other classic and vintage car enthusiasts.
Simon Malborough
Smooth with out 'grit' yet it still brought the intercooler and pipe work up amazingly
Having used other metal polishes I tried out Miroxol UK. Unlike similar polishes this one is smooth, without 'grit' in it, yet it brought the intercooler and pipe work up amazingly on the Fastest Shed. I also found it very easy to work with too. You really should give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
Kevin Nicks - Public figure , The Fastest shed
Made door furniture look brand new
I have been looking for some time for a metal polish for my front door furniture. Being outside and exposed to the elements I found it tarnished very quickly and was difficult to clean and keep clean. Miroxol has made it look brand new again. It has really kept its shine and seems to be better protected from the great outdoors so I need to clean it for less regularly. Miroxol is also fantastic on all other kinds of metals so I have been able to get rid of my array of different polishes and just have one product.
Kirsty Burnham, South Northamptonshire
The chrome on my Dax Cobra has never gleamed so brightly
Like many classic car enthusiasts, I have used chrome cleaning products for many years and when Miroxol chrome cleaner appeared at the 2018 Silverstone Classic event, I thought I would give it a go. However I didn't believe it would be any better than the well known abrasive chrome cleaning paste I have used for many years. I believed the less abrasive the paste, the less effective the chrome cleaning properties would be, but how wrong I was! The chrome on my Dax Cobra has never gleamed so brightly following an hour or so of cleaning with Miroxol and I would personally recommend this to anyone with lots of chrome to clean!
Graham Heatruck , cobra owner
It is extremely effective on all types of unpainted metal surfaces
Crispian Besley racing his Cooper T56 Grand Prix car which is one of several historic cars that he owns and races. Crispian competes all over the UK and Europe including blue riband events like Goodwood, Monaco and Spa Francorchamps and has also raced in the US and New Zealand. He started racing as a professional in his teens before breaking for 12 years as he embarked on his city career and then restarted in contemporary Ferrari sports cars before turning to historics in 1996 which he's been doing ever since. During that time, he's won 49 races and scored 172 podiums and 4 championships. A friend introduced me to Miroxol Metal Polish, I've been using it ever since and have been really impressed with it. It is extremely effective on all types of unpainted metal surfaces and not only seems less abrasive but also has a cleaner less 'industrial' feel to it than other products I've used and it's easy to apply.
Christian Biskey - historic motorcar collector and racer
This product is far superior to any of the well known brands
Earlier this year at the Churchill classic car show , I was introduced to a new metal cleaning and polishing product called Miroxol. I have a classic chrome bumper MGB and on my way home I promptly gave Miroxol a try and I found the results to be quite amazing. Firstly the product is a cream and not a paste as are some of the current well know brands. I found that application of the cream was extremely easy to apply , as was the removal and polishing. Once the chrome work had been polished the results were superb. The chrome work came up in a very clear and bright lasting shine and exhibited a glow that gave the chrome an almost new look. This product is far superior to any of the other well known brands I had used in the past. As Miroxol is a metal polish and cleaner I also tried it on a 49 year brass vase that had not seen any polish for a few decades and again the results were quite amazing.
Tony Nash , Oxfordshire MG Owners Club
I would recommend Miroxol for chrome, brass and copper
I used Miroxol on my front bumber MGB and found it went on easily and polished off even easier and left a nice shine. I then tried it on my collection of brass and copper oil lamps with a very good result once again going on and polishing off easily and leaving a nice shine and so much better to use than brasso. I would recommend this product for chrome brass and copper.
Pete Wright, Oxfordshire MG Owners Club