History of Miroxol®

The manufacturer developed Miroxol as a result of their family business selling metalware and the need to clean those products. Miroxol® was created out of a fascination of how a dull item will shine once polished. This curiosity led into an obsession as to what makes a polish better than the rest and what gives off the best shine. It took many years of research and development to get Miroxol® to a level that exceeded all expectations. The results were outstanding. When their existing metal polish supplier ceased trading in South Africa it gave them the excuse to turn their hobby into a business.

Miroxol® Metal Polish, a product of PAV Industries (SA), is a compound in a convenient tube which when applied cleans, polishes and preserves all metal surfaces and restores them to a brilliant lasting shine.

Quality ingredients have been used to assist you in creating a protective surface layer that is resistant to tarnish, rust and other effects of weathering.